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  1. I would like to purchase 2 of the T-slot cleaning tools when available. I tried to pay with Paypal but it wouldn’t let me because of unavailable stock. I’m available at larrytech54@gmail

  2. I watch your videos all the time and you do some truly impressive work accurate and tricky stuff. However I was most impressed with your belt sanding the t-slot scraper. I have managed a few shops over the years and it is so had to find people with just simple skills sanding a square edge flipping the part over to do the other side without thinking about it.To fit a simple gauge like your video. Skills are dying a slow painful death in this digital world.

  3. you Sir. are a Master of your Trade. I would love the opportunity to Watch you at work in person. Due to the long Distance I am not able to make such a request. I would like you to know that you are very god at what you do, very well spoken, great showmanship, and a great problem solver. I have seen you many times in your videos say I dont know, or I will have to figure this out. I love your videos and very much appreciate that you have taken the time to share these videos and show the correct way to make many of these repairs. I do however have only one question for you. are you capable of machining Gunsmith 1/10000″ parts? if so are you willing to turn gin parts?

    • Hi, I don’t do any gunsmith work sorry but never got into it and the fine tolerances are tighter than the machinery I use now a days. Thank you for the comment and wish you well on your project. ;{)—–

  4. I am able to turn LH ACME threads but more than likely if it is available on the shelf, it is going to be cheaper, because it was created in a production line. I would want the shaft and nut in hand to reproduce one for you. ;{)—–

  5. This is great , doing the give away and so forth. I look forward to seeing it go to a good home.
    I am restoring a lathe atm , today took out the cross feed screw, and found NOOK ind’s.
    I will price this out, BUT if possible , or maybe it is better to say cost effective are you able to turn LH acme threads if you had the shaft in your hand to copy?

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