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Working and motivational attire… 

The newest Stickers to show our YouTube Channels and Companies passion for Americas Spirit!

New shop Logo sticker
New Glory logo free ship USA

The newest art related sticker

The Patriot Attitude sticker
The Patriot Attitude sticker free ship USA

The Giant Patriot Attitude Sticker

The Patriot Attitude Giant Sticker USA

The New Walk The Talk Stickers

The New Walk The Talk Sticker
New Walk The Talk free ship USA

The New Getter Done! Stickers

The New Getter Done



New Turn Wright Machine Works / “Adams” Ball Caps

New Colors Update 6/28/2022

USA only Shipping Included

Patriot Attitude Ball Cap

Thanks to a few new volunteer models, you get to see the new ball caps worn.

The New Patriot Attitude Hat colors 6/28/2022

The new Patriot Attitude ball caps come in the good old quality Adams LP101 Hat with cool crown liner, which also keeps it afloat if lost overboard, also now offered in a new style Pacific 690C Camo design XD3 with hook and loop adjustment.


USA Only Shipping Included

We have switched location of our printed garments, from “Tee’s to Sweatshirts”, over to the pros at TeeBlasters, they offered us a store front at the Store Frontier

Here is the link and what you will find there!

Walk the Talk Pocket logo
Walk the Talk
The original Turn Wright Machine Works logo offered with the choice of front pocket logos, Walk the Talk or Getter Done!
The new “Let’s Repair America” Turn Wright Machine Works logo
Getter Done! front pocket logo offered with either the old Turn Wright Machine Works logo or the new repair America logo
The first girls regular fit Tee, sporting the new repair america logo on rear of garment.
Getter Done! pocket logo on the front of the girls regular fit Tee
Regular cut sweatshirt
Zipper hoodie
Long sleeve Tee


The new Patriot Attitude T-shirts

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