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  Welcome to Turn Wright Machine Works’ Web Site, We are a family owned and operated Business, that’s been established since 1994, serving Cape Cod and the Islands, as their premier Job Shop.

  We are rebuilding our site to strengthen the image of our persistent Getter Done attitude and our workmanship expectations that, Walk the Talk, when it comes to our customers projects.

As we repair America one project at a time, you will be able to see  how our talents we have acquired,  over the years, are helping those customers, get  their projects  done and keeping those standards, since we have been in business, which insures the validity of the talents, used on your projects today.

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Keith If its not too much trouble could you please send me a PDF or even the website to which you found the manual for the Amco/Rutland lathe. I bought one of these Amco lathes second hand and it coincidentally had no manual nor the tread charts or even the spindle speeds chart. So if I could get that manual it would be greatly appreciated.

    You can contact me at [email protected]

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

    • I will have to dig out and unpack the box of manuals, stuff away in my container, to refresh my memory that I even have one and then if so it will dawn on me as to where I got or down loaded it.

  2. Hey Keith!

    Man! You do one helluva great job fixing people’s eff-ups. The first content I ever watched of yours, was where you straightened the X-Axis screw from what I think, might have been from a Cincinnati mill. Yeah, Leadscrewed! That’s funny shit!!

    I would have thought for sure that was toast, especially by the look of the machine tipped over on its handle.

    I enjoyed those 2 videos so much, I have started from the beginning, and am watching everything in order, so I dont jump around and miss anything. I haven’t really been able to get the most out of your videos, because I am building my first machine shop in my garage. I play the videos while I am working on that.

    It is just me and you brother, I work for Boeing in Maintenance through the day, and you and I work on the shop til around 11pm. We have epoxied the floors, insulated and sheeted the walls, set and leveled a Pratt & Whitney lathe, and lets not forget the almost new, (cough taiwanese cough) Mill.

    We have completed half of the shop you and I, with all of the the heavy lifting now complete. We are moving everything from the first half, over to the finished part so we can get the floors and walls done on that side. I have to say, we make a good team!

    All joking aside, a true master tradesman, is the one called upon, to fix a lesser man’s mistakes. I am gleaning great information from your content, and hope to contribute back in the near future. It feels like I bit off more than one person can chew, but having you there, in the background, makes it entertaining, and not so much a huge endeavour. Im learning useful things to boot!

    I have a huge inventory of electronics and machine tool components, should you ever need anything on the fly. You just reach out, and it will be at your house the next day. Thanks for all you do, and please watch getting bit by the corporate sponsorship bug. Its a sickness all too common with creators of content. Free shit’s awesome, but not worth being beholden to giving up ones scruples for a couple saw blades.

    Oh, the T-slot cleaners are awesome too! Just bought three. One IS being put up, like you said. The other two will be used by myself, and one a gift for the buddy who introduced us. You remember Mike, right? Maybe not, he’ll love it!

    Keep gettin’ er done Keith!!

    Chuck Howard
    [email protected]

    • Hey Chuck,

      Glad to hear your your getting a shop together and boy I can remember just stating on my quest to collect the tooling and machines to get my start, setting up shop so all machines can be used to their potential, without having to move them anymore.

      I will share or review about, if I see something good made by American companies and they give me nice samples to play with or compensating dollars for a few other advances in my camera gear, making it worth while to do an honest share about what it is in my hands at that time.

      Cheers, Keith

  3. Hello Keith, Brian from LeGrand Adventure LLC in PA here; I am rebuilding my DHCII over due to my location. I want to duplicate your Water Table and Downdraft System if that is alright with you? After watching I believe the balance of your videos, are there a set of plans that are purchasable from you to do this? If so I have already purchased your Pop A Way and I am looking forward to having this system running as soon as possible. Thanks, and I really enjoy your videos, [email protected]…L

    • Hi Brian, I built it on the fly with materials already planned on making a stand alone water tray under a shop made table that never happened. I don’t have plans but once your frame is assembled your going to want the straight sides to the water table to be just as wide as the inside of the angle frame. The water level was 7.5″ below the plate surface and I dropped the legs so I could lower it for other attachments. Cheers, Keith

  4. Great videos! I’ve watched you improver over the years getting better and better quality. How do you find the time to handle the jobs and all the video editing that that you do to put on your shows? I’ve been picking up a lot of tips from your videos and love to see how others do setup and hold down techniques. I come from old school conventional machining and have little tooling to work with, so it’s nice to see old school machinist accomplish these complex jobs. Keep up the good work.

    • Well! Thanks for the comment, sometimes life sticks a wedge into the mix of work and creating videos but I try not to look for time just roll with what comes along. ;{)—–

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