Rutland 12″ X 36″ Way Wiper Kits

New Way Wiper Kits designed by Keith Fenner

Designed and made of black Delrin & Felt, made for the 1988 Rutland Lathe and after completing the set we started to get request for those exact set of wipers, so we started running extra sets and have them available to those who have the exact mating way configuration.  

As seen on YouTube


Photos of how the wipers look mounted on my Rutland Lathe

Dimensional Drawings to confirm, your ways to this kit.



The wiper set contains, four each black Delrin housings and a piece of felt to cut into the shapes needed, as shown in video at the top of this page.

Kit example 

If inventory is out please email with the wish to buy a set to; [email protected]  

 Wiper Kit  $60 Free shipping in the USA