The Pop a Way by Keith Fenner


The Pop A Way is an attachment created, by Keith Fenner, to support a hand held Plasma torch to the stock PlasmaCAM carriage mount. The Pop a way, functions as a safety support, with breakaway action, to lessen the damage, of the PlasmaCAM machine, parts being cut or the torch, during mishaps during CNC control and / or give the manual pop away option to check or replace consumables then pop it back in place, to resume cutting operations.

Quick Video Index

Starting – Introduction, 1:26 – History, 7:30 – Pop a way’s parts break down, 8:57 – Removing original Pop a way, 12:47 – installing the torch lead cradle, 15:50 – installing the switch end of the stop arc switch lead, 22:04 – installing the micro stop arc switch, 23:50 – installing the main mounting plate and ball nose end plungers, 30:21 – Mounted the glove to the adapter and testing out the popping in and out, 34:36 – installing the torch into the glove and on the pop a way mount,38:21 – example of sensing wire and contact attachment used on the pop a way, 43:01 –  installing the power end of the stop arc switch lead, 55:02 – first cut while setting up the stage for the popping test, 58:16 – testing the crash mode, 1 hr 3:22 – checking consumables and making a fast cut, 1 hr 5:07 – manual mode demo and then the final conclusion.

The Original Pop a Way Kit


The New Pop A Way Kit with By-Pass switch

Install the Pop a Way torch kit, with the new plug and play by-pass switch on your PlasmaCAM for $599

Torch Type

 Email us at; [email protected] and let us know your torch needs. 

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