Joe Klaas’s Nomination for the 2015 What’s in your box? Giveaway

First, I would like to thank and everyone involved for doing this giveaway.  I would like to nominate myself, Joe Klaas, for this giveaway because I have the drive, the will, and the ability to become a successful machinist.  The amount of progress I have made in the past two years in my machining career is astounding.  I have gone from completely oblivious, to holding very tight tolerances with engine work.  I have the bare necessities to operate my machines properly and accurately, but all I need to take my work to the next level are just some of the basic tools, just like what is in these box giveaways.  I try to pick up these simple tools when I go to tractor or engine shows with a guy named Tom that I go with, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.  Having these tools would mean the world to me and I would treasure them and remember everyone who helped with this giveaway every time I use them.  I think I have a shot at winning this giveaway by my rate of improvement over the last almost three years, my drive, dedication, and the fact I already have my plan for life.  After high school, I have already been accepted and will attend Penn State University where I will study mechanical engineering and immediately following college, I will be going right to work in the trade.  I figure the most experience I can get prior to applying for a job the better, and these tools will help me do just that.  Thanks again, Keith