Clint Murphree’s Nomination for the 2015 What’s in your box? Giveaway

I, Clint Murphree, nominate myself worthy of the tool chest giveaway because the knowledge of machining is something that will help me in my job. The more I have to work with, the better I will be at it. I am currently a junior in Mechanical Engineering at Auburn University with a great interest in the physical workings of metal.

My fascination with metal working trades really took off when Iearned to weld. I bought my first miller tig welder and began fixing my friends aluminum boats for fun. After that I was hooked on all things metal.

In high school I took drafting and learned to draw mechanical drafts. After learning to draw parts, I wanted to learn to make them in real life!

My journey in machining started by watching every machining video I could find on YouTube. I subscribed to guys like Keith Fenner, Adam Booth, Tom Lipton, etc.. and tried to soak up all the knowledge I could from them. On top of being in engineering school, I bought a machining text book that is normally used in the machining degree program and read it in my free time. After saving up for a long time, I finally got enough funds to buy my own Bridgeport! I’ll still have to wait a while before I can buy a lathe.

Now that I have one of the machines I need and some limited knowledge, I need to make metal fly and practice all I can. The only problem is tooling. With having to pay for tuition, books, and other college expenses, it doesn’t leave any extra money for things to actually make my machine useable. That’s where the box comes in. If I was chosen to receive the toolbox it would help me further my knowledge of machining, which will greatly help my engineering career.

I have been around manufacturing all my life, and the general consensus is that engineers can draw things, but they don’t care about the guy who makes the part that they design. I endeavor to have enough knowledge about the physical fabrication of the part that I can hopefully make the machinists life much easier.

Another reason I would be a good candidate is that the tools themselves would be taken care of. I come from a long line of mechanics, and each generations tools are past to the next. I use tools from my great grandfather’s blacksmith forge and the same is true for each generations tools. So any tools that I receive will be passed to the next generation, and not just thrown to the side, or sold at a pawn shop to make a quick buck. Good tools with a story mean more to me than anything brand new out of the box.

Thank you for considering me!