Crispin Cousins’s 2014 Nomination

Dear Keith

Firstly I would like to say how very pleased I am to finally make contact with you, I am an 18 year old machining apprentice from the UK and I have been watching your videos for several years. Assuming you are accepting nominations from overseas. I have attached a video link and I have also included some text below to accompany the video. I am an apprentice at Rolls Royce building gas turbine engines for the aerospace market – you might be pleased to know that during one lesson at the training school while studying broaching your video named ‘Borach It’ was shown to the apprentices! I got very exited as I had watched it at home previously!

I Crispin Cousins nominate myself worthy of the tool chest give away. As explained in my video I am an extremely keen and passionate young engineer and machinist. Engineering has been and will be a very interesting hobby for me and I hope when I finish my apprenticeship it can be an equally interesting career.
I have been building a machine shop up now for about 5 years and have have had great fun in doing so and in using the equipment to produce various work. As shown in the video present engineering projects are mainly directed at building a 5″ gauge steam locomotive to drawings, I find this to be a very interesting long term project as I gain experience from machining the bits and from seeing how the designed mechanical systems work. The amount of work involved in it in my mind provides excellent practice, also the multiple parts give practice in thinking up and building jigs and fixtures.
A set of varied and high quality machinist tools would allow me to progress to the levels of precision and quality that I strive for. As I stated in my video I have the machinery to carry out high quality work but not all ways the tooling and measuring equipment
So Thank you for all the work you doing in sharing your videos, they have inspired me to start doing home workshop videos and I hope you can take a look at them.
Crispin Cousins

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