Voted “Most Worthy” for, (What’s in your box? 2014 Giveaway)

Welcome to our post where we celebrate the judges choices for the most worthy nominations for the; What’s in your box? tool box giveaway year ending 2014.

We start by posting the announcement video

We post and share the video responses to being voted worthy of receiving the tool boxes for the 2014 giveaway, by the nominated.


Crispin Cousins


Toby Zastrow



Cami Lewis

Here are the links to the personal pages created for the nominee’s that were voted most worthy in 2014.

One thought on “Voted “Most Worthy” for, (What’s in your box? 2014 Giveaway)

  1. I totally feel great pleasure to be able to have a page like this, on my web site! I’m grateful for all the YouTube Shop Community with all their support and the support by all the viewers around the world. As I see it this is the first annual What’s in you Box? tool box giveaway and these worthy recipients of the giveaway, set the foundation stones for what this project is all about, from this year on! ;{)—–

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