The Guidelines for Nominations


The Guidelines for Nominations in the Tool Chest Giveaway

I state guidelines because this is not a contest or competition, it is a giveaway! We are looking for worthy persons to receive the machinist tool chest that we are putting together. Just as we planned in our first Giveaway project, the Announcement of worthy nominees will be around the first week in December 2017. We are accepting self nominations and or nominations by others wanting to nominate who it is thought to be worthy of the giveaway, in their opinion, up until November 15, 2017. Nominations are only accepted at:  

A nomination will be accepted if written as a statement, Examples; (I Keith Fenner nominate me worthy of the tool chest giveaway. Because etc.) or (I Keith Fenner nominate John Smith for the tool chest or tool box giveaway because I think he’s a worthy person, because, etc.) add a good amount of information and photos, links and (one added requirement ) (A video of yourself or the Nominee, start with introduction, share a little bit about yourself, share your hobbies, Share your schooling, Share your work or where you would like to work and close with a statement, what a new full box of machinist tools would mean to you.)  Keep in mind; you are creating, a nomination information page, and the first step that leads your nomination to receiving the machinist tool chest, so project enough information to prove the worthiness. I will accept additional information that you would like to add to your nominations page, up until November 15, 2017.

The second step of the giveaway will be to post your video on YouTube, everyone can do this and it is easy, Google how to. Make sure you monetize your video and send me the link, I’ll be inserting your video in a viewable format right on your nomination page, on my web site and also inserting it in a playlist right on my YouTube channel. This will project a lot of views for you and add a little pocket change, through your monetization. Note: do not have any music playing in the background of your video, you don’t own outright, because you will not be able to monetize it.   

The third step will be a judging for the box, or boxes by the contributors to the giveaway and a few other persons, I may invite into the judgment. The votes for those who are thought to be worthy, will be submitted by Emails and counted up and tallied by the date of the drawing. There may be other items also drawn as other giveaways following the box or boxes which we giveaway.

Thanks for all the input from all the interested viewers, which helped me create these guidelines!

 Keith Fenner


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