Payton Dean Nomination for the WIYB 2017 Giveaway

I Payton Dean nominate me worthy of the tool chest giveaway because I will be able to put all the tools and instruments received to use not only in my home shop but at school and at work.


Here is a quick summary about myself.

My name is Payton Dean, I am currently 17 years old and I am currently going to school to get my Machine Technology Degree. I will be graduating this coming summer.

I’m also working at a local machine shop as a Swiss Machinist working on Tsugmai Swiss lathes producing parts for medical, automotive and aerospace.

In my free time I run my own company X39BrickCustoms, where I produce a variety of accessories for LEGO Minifigures. The accessories that I focus on are LEGO scaled weapons for LEGO Minifigures from video games, historical wars and popular Hollywood movies.

To make all these parts I design the injection molds using Fusion 360 and then I CNC machine them out all in my garage. Then I take these molds and use either of my two injection molding machines to produce these parts in a variety of colors. Then I sell them either on my website or at LEGO conventions I attend around the country. 

That was a brief summary of what I do in my day to day life. Now why do I find myself worthy of receiving such an extremely kind gift such as a fully loaded tool box? Here are my reasons:

  • Where I currently sit in my machining carrier, financing some of these more expensive, high quality tools can be a huge struggle. Especially when you are going to college learning the trade from an educational point of view along with going to work and running a business on the side. Funds get spread very quickly and having access to new tools to myself would allow me to continue learning not only at school with new equipment but at my home shop.


  • I also enjoy sharing new information to my class mates and co-workers. Learning new techniques on how to approach something is extremely valuable. Then passing that information off to others to help them out is even better. Receiving some new tools to play around with and learn more about will allow me to do just that.

  • I am someone that believes in using their tools, not letting them collect dust and sit around. If I ever find a tool in that situation I either pass it along to a friend that could use it or I donate it to my schools machine shop for a teaching reference. That being said with these new tools I will use whatever I can and pass along what I don’t to someone that can/will.