Greg Chester nomination for the 2017 WIYB Giveaway


I, Greg Chester, would like to nominate myself for the tool box give away.


I am a mechanic by trade, and I currently work as a mine site shutdown maintenance and shift coverage fitter.

I find myself heading more and more towards machining, because I enjoy it, and can see a future in it for myself.

I love getting into my shed and using my machines.

I have a number of machines that I have recently, and not so recently purchased, that require rebuilding, two of which I believe are pre 1900. I believe there is a place for one of them in a modern shop. The other is just a great piece of history.   

Some of the other things that make me believe that I am a potentially worthy recipient are:

  • I believe we all start learning from nothing,
  • We should share what we learn for future generations,
  • I am passionate about both new and old techniques, both have their place,
  • I am prepared to ‘have a go’ at something,  
  • I enjoy sharing what I have learnt almost as much as learning it to start with, sometimes more so.

Regardless of whether I am found worthy or not, I would like to thank you Keith and Vanessa for creating the competition, all of the contributors to the WIYB competition, and the YouTube community in general and supporting such a unique and fantastic opportunity for anyone who enters.

Thank you all


Greg Chester

Western Australia