The suggested Machinist Tool List for the Giveaway Toolbox

We have worked out between comments in all previous videos and studied tool list put out, by a number of list created among machinist related trades and came up with a suggestion list of tools we feel or aim to put in the boxes given to the worthy nominee’s. To find out what has been given you can study the the page that displays the donations for 2015.


Kennedy 520 


Safety Glasses

Ear plugs

Calculate & Record:

Paper, pencil and sharpie

Scientific calculator

Machinery Handbook paged or DVD


6” Flex Scale

Tape measure

Center punch


Hermaphrodite calipers

Machinist square

Combination Square Set, including protractor and center finder attachments


Surface Gauge

Measuring Tools:

Feeler Gauge set

1” to 3” Micrometers or set

1” to 6” Depth mic set

1” Dial indicator W/ mag base

Test indicator

 Dial or digital calipers

Inside and outside spring calipers

Thread pitch gauges imperial and metric

Hole gauge set

Snap gauge set

Fish tail style or 60 deg. center gauge

Acme thread gauge

Wiggler or center finder set

Radius gauge set

Hand Tools:

Needle nose pliers



Channel Locks

Screwdrivers, Phillips & Flat

Round Smooth File W/ Handle

Mill Smooth File W/ Handle

Flat Bastard File W/ Handle

2” chip brush

Wire brush

Deburring tool

Jewelers Files

File Card

Stones, India Rectangle, India Wedge & Arkansas Rectangle Rec.

Small flashlight

Inspection mirror

Tap handles one T and one straight style

Allen wrenches imperial and metric sets

Magnifying glass

Pin punch set

Transfer punch set

Drill sharpening gauge


16 oz. Ball peen hammer

10” Adjustable Wrench



Tooling / Cutters:

 HSS tool bits

Brazed tool bits

End mills

Center drills

Counter sinks

1/8 Parallel set

1-2-3 Blocks

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