What’s in your Box? History

The machinist tool chest giveaway is a quest to find a worthy recipients for the box. Even though I had the idea and had planned to fill a box with at least 52 machinist related tools, myself, in the year 2013, others have joined in and contributed to the box giveaway also. Due to the interest and popularity I have decided to continue with another one this year.    The rules of the giveaway have changed, here and there slightly, as we mold the project to meet the original goal, to give, the box, to a worthy person.

I would like to share my take on Worthiness, with new comers to the Giveaway as well with the nominators and judges that participated in last year! Worthiness is not religion based or hardship, it is not a birthday, graduation or any other occasional gift. Worthiness to me is, strength, energy, determination, courage and stamina, that sticks to oneself,  like its was a shadow and pushes oneself forward in the directions needed to obtain the skill sets that are being strived for!

There are three key participants that make up this giveaway, the nominations of being worthy, those who give contributions to the box and those who judge the nominees the most worthy! Here are the highlights of the past years.

Contributions that made up the, 2014 Tool Chest Giveaway!

Contributions that made up the, 2015 Tool Chest Giveaway!