The Wright Roller Kits

A set of Wright Rollers after 23 plus years of use… 


The Wright Roller KitDSC01684

The Material List

Rollers Material List copy

Page 1 the Cut Away View 

Rollers Page 1

Page 2 The Center Tube

Rollers Page 2

Page 3 The Base Plate

Rollers Page 3

Page 4 The Pivot Block & Support

Page 5 The Roller & Pivot Pins, Pin Keepers, Tube Spacer & Roller Bearings

Here is a Package of Drawings to help you build your own set of Wright Rollers


The Wright Roller Kit, Including Drw’s…..$75.00

Plus  Mass Tax 6.25%  

Flat Rate Shipping in the USA… $15.00

To order your Wright Roller Kit

We have now caught up with our Wright Roller Kits and will be producing kits, controlled by a PayPal button. The Kits have increased $10 to offset the cost to us, to keep the quality and quantity up to our standards, we offer to you.

As we have other shops around the globe, help with the creating the kits available within your country or closer to you, to reduce shipping cost, we will post their contact form here as well. Their kits may very a bit due to the currency of the country and the cost of the materials but our goal is to better the option for you. 

The Wright Roller Kits @ Turn Wright Machine Works 

We ship our roller kits out in flat rate boxes and you must choose the correct button for your location. All miss directed button orders will be canceled and kits will be issued to next in line.

Note: some of the pieces I had pre cut by my supplier, are at size on lengths, or just a hair under, compensating to the open air side of parts will still give you a well operational set of rollers.

If the the inventory shows zero and you wish to leave an Email notice to reserve a roller kit for yourself, please type “roller kit” in the subject.

Kits Shipped in the US

Kits Shipped from within Canada

Rob Townsend

Kits Shipped from within UK

Tom Sykes

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