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Turn Wright Machine Works / Working and motivational attire

Almost two years ago, a sweet gal, named Rachel, over in the UK, asked me if I had any marketing items that she could buy her husband, to wear out in his shop, while working on his projects? So I started the design and had the ball caps made up in time for her to be able to give one to her husband, Andy, for Xmas. From there you all watching my videos, have requested other items and I have been building up a selection of attire to suit working and motivational needs. This store generates the motivation and supplies needed to create my videos and generate the funds to host the Tool Chest Giveaway. 

Pop a Way

The Pop a Way by Keith Fenner

The Pop A Way is an attachment created, by Keith Fenner, to support a hand held Plasma torch to the stock PlasmaCAM carriage mount. The Pop a way, functions as a safety support, with breakaway action, to lessen the damage, of the PlasmaCAM machine, parts being cut or the torch, during mishaps during CNC control and / or give the manual pop away option to check or replace consumables then pop it back in place, to resume cutting operations.

The Wright Roller Kit

The Wright Roller Kit by Keith Fenner

The Wright Roller Kit is a project you can make your own precision rollers to check run out or trueness in any round diameter stock or projects, while supported on any surface, flat or irregular. The kit comes with a set of drawings and all the material to create the project.  

The Rutland 12 X 36 Way Wiper Kits

New Way Wiper Kits designed by Keith Fenner

Designed and made of black Delrin & Felt, made for the 1988 Rutland Lathe and after completing the set we started to get request for those exact set of wipers, so we started running extra sets and have them available to those who have the exact mating way configuration.  

The Wright T-Nut Slot Scrapers

New T-Nut Slot Scrapers Designed by Keith Fenner

The First “Limited Edition” Bar Z 2018 Summer Bash T-Nut Scrapers are in production now, this handy tool for clean up on your machines and accessories, also is styling with engraving made just for the occasion and support.

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