4 JAW KING Championship Swag

Bar-Z Summer Bash 2019 #whenhellfreezesover

The rumors are true
two time world champion Keith Fenner is retiring from COMPETITION and bringing the belt back to the bash for all attendees of the bash, that want to sign up for the 4 jaw competition, advancing the top contenders to the smack down event, to claim the world champion title at each,
Bar-Z summer bash events.
  Stickers, Poster and Shirt prints

As retiring two time champion, I have two main goals for the 2019 four jaw king championship SMACKDOWN event.

First goal is to bring the belt back to the event personally and present it to the world’s four jaw King at the end of the 2019 Bar-z Summer Bash, championship smackdown event. The new four jaw king champion will be able to wear belt at each Bar-z Summer Bash events until he has been smacked down by a new champion or unable to attend. The belt will be engraved on the back with his name and date. The belt will be stored with the SMACKDOWN DUELING JIG that was made by Tom Lipton, between events.

Second goal is to raise a cash prize amount second to none, by donating a percentage of proceeds from the sales of swag promotions we have listed on this post. We have also been informed by Stan Zinkosky that others have pledged cash support for the 2019 Bar-z Summer Bash Smackdown event already and we would gladly except any pledge amounts by using our pledge button, contact Stan or bring to the day of event. We will periodically post updating cash prize amount total as it increases.

Invitation to the Summer Bash 2019


List of pledges and total cash prize amount

Shars has SPONSORED the event with a pledge of $1,000

We have donation pledge button;
N. F. Eschmeijer = $500, Walter Peterson = $20
The CURRENT cash prize total; 3/1/2019 10.48 AM = $2,265.00

T-Shirts, Sweatshirts Tank-Tops and Onesies

$2.00 of every garments sold will be added to the Smackdown cash prize amount!

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The WBO Wright Bottle Opener

$5.00 of every bottle opener will be added to the Smackdown cash prize amount!

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WBO Alloys & outside the USA

Clash at the Bash stickers

$1.00 of every sticker will be added to the Smackdown cash prize amount!

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