Nick Logan’s Nomination for the 2016 What’s in your box? Giveaway

I Nick Logan nominate myself worthy of the tool chest giveaway because I’m trying to start my own Job shop and I’ve been working with metal for years. 
My main profession has been gunsmithing but I plan to try and open a job shop in my home now that most of the shops in my town are closed or no longer hire out.   I have worked on several projects from M1 Garands to AK47’s built from scratch. Included in this email are a few pictures of my work.    I don’t take pictures often though as when I’m working I’m working.  This youtube video thing I’m doing is working and I’m getting used to taking more photo’s. 
I’m 36 years old and my wife is 30, we have three kids one two year old boy and two girls ages 7,8.  Both my girls are interested in metal fabrication and I hope when my son is old enough he will be too.  We live in Springfield,IL and it’s a white collar town with hardly any work.   I decided to try and make it on my own after years of working for other shops.  I love to try and teach younger people metalworking skills.  My daughters are getting old enough I feel it’s ok for them to be carefully watched in my shop.  I’ve also thought about maybe doing some sort of local big brother project that involves teaching kids the joys of metal working and to never stop learning.
My hobbies include: Machining,shooting,boating,fishing,hunting,youtube,welding,wood working.   I love to make things and I knew that when I began taking stuff apart at an early age to see how things worked.  My father didn’t like me taking apart his hifi system very much back in the 80’s.    Before I was a gunsmith the first weapon I built was an FN FAL which isn’t for the faint of heart or a newbie and like all things I do I went all in.  This is the exact webpage I used as instructions to get me started as I didn’t know much about the rifle 20 years ago.   I’ve gone on to work on real civil war cannons and crew them along with rechambering barrels using a manual pull through method because I didn’t have a lathe until recently.  My 18×60 homach lathe is in my process of a restoration of sorts.  I need to purchase four sets of contactors and the lathe will function just fine.  My mill is a 2J 1.5 HP bridgeport that I bought in October of this year.  I was very lucky to end up with a tight machine with some nice ways,a dro and a power feed system.  Before this mill I had an M head which I used to make some brackets to hang headsets on.  That bracket is included with the pictures in this email.   I also own a Eaton 10HP 125 gallon air compressor,parts washer,Wilton 6” vise,grizzly belt sander,grinders, and some hand tools. 
My shop is in a constant state of upgrading as it once was a carport that I converted into a garage and then converted the garage into a shop.  You can see video’s of it on my youtube channel “Logan Machine”.  I have a lot of great content up and coming soon as I’m going to build some leveling feet for the mill’s base. 

In closing I would like to thank you for the consideration and your time.

Nick Logan



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