Nathan Swincer’s Nomination for the 2016 What’s in your box? Giveaway


My name is Nathan Swincer and I am a 19 year old, first year fitter and turner apprentice in South Australia. I would like to nominate myself for this year’s toolbox giveaway. I have always had an interest in mechanical mechanisms and tools however it wasn’t until I was in late high-school that I was introduced to machining. Model Engineering first wet my appetite for precision metalworking and then I was further captivated by the Youtube machinist community. One thing I disliked about pursuing an engineering career out of college was that you may get to design some really interesting things but it is unlikely you will get to make it. That was the part I was interested in. Working with precision tools to make mechanical components.

Once I had finished my schooling I was able to talk to a machinist who runs a small manufacturing and jobbing business. At over 70 he is still extremely enthusiastic about the trade and I was able to spend an afternoon mainly listening as he explained the typical work they do and some of the more interesting projects they have done. After completing a welding and fabrication course I was fortunate enough to be taken on as an apprentice by the machinist I had talked to earlier in the year. I am extremely grateful to you and the other machinists in this you-tube community because:

1 You have introduced me to a career which I have found to be extremely interesting and gives you new challenges and projects to work on each week.

2 You have given me a huge head start in my apprenticeship. From observing you go about projects in your videos it has filled in a lot of the background information I needed to start working which has enabled me to be much more productive to my employer.

Our small shop has a few CNC machines as well as manual machines. I expected to start work by cleaning around the shop and deburring work etc. However my boss got me straight into small machining jobs on the manual machines increasing in difficulty as I went along. In my job I have to work with a wide variety of materials like aluminium, stainless, brass, different steels and plastics. Some weeks I may have to make a run of special plastic or aluminium bronze washers or bushes or a one off assembly or jig. I have really enjoyed the constant variety of jobs and hence challenges you get with each one. I don’t currently have a personal toolbox of tools and measuring equipment so this giveaway would provide a good start to which I can add over the coming years. A toolbox of machinist’s tools would enable me to continue to improve my work in this manufacturing and machining craft into the future. I don’t have a home workshop yet however that hopefully will eventually come as I build up resources. (including time ;^) ) I have attached a couple of photos below of some of the work I have done so far, which I cover in more detail in the video.

So thank-you Keith and all the other machinists for making this giveaway possible and continuing to inspire us up and coming machinists with your work.

All the Best from here in Australia,

Nathan Swincer



Backing plate and locking collar that I made at work for a Schaublin 102 lathe

20161007_112018 20161007_112054



Parallels I made in a 4 day milling course at trade school

20161028_142351 20161028_142507