Marcus Wilson’s Nomination for the 2016 What’s in your box? Giveaway


I Marcus Wilson nominate myself to be worthy to receive a machinist’s tool chest in the 2016 what’s in your box tool chest giveaway.
I believe myself to be worthy as I have a lifelong demonstrated interest in machines and machinery.
I also a proven track record of giving back to the communities I am involved with. (eg reprap, thingiverse, facebook etc)
Here follows a brief summary of my education and work experiences, and how I feel the machinists toolbox would help me.
Life school/work history:
I completed high school, I had 3-4 part time jobs (at the same time) during the last 4 years of high school.
• 6 days at the local supermarket dairy fill before school each weekday and saturday mornings
• 2 days a week at a bakery after school cleaning ready for next morning shift
• 3-4 nights a week working at a greek cafe on the souvlaki bar
• I filled in any other nights working dial-a-pizza delivery once I got my drivers license.
• I also got a job manufacturing vehicle wiring harnesses for classic MG, Austin Healey, Jaguar, Morris and similar vehicles which I did part time over a period of 2 years.
My family have a printing/embroidery business, so once I completed high school I started working full-time in the family business (95 – 105 hour weeks).
After 3 years of this workload, the close family situation became very stressful and I needed a change.
I therefore got myself enrolled in university, and moved out of home. I successfully completed 18 months before i ran out of money and had to find work again.
Whilst I attempted to continue part time university, eventually I dropped out and have never returned to tertiary studies.
My auto trades apprenticeship with Dave Cooper covered a period of around 8 years where I would spend each afternoon in his workshop learning skills and getting our projects done.
This work included all aspects of cylinder head repairs and maintenance, and a number of engine builds on classic Jags, Austin Healeys, Datsun and other similar era vehicles.
I have worked as a graphic artist, industrial designer, production manager, software developer, and am now a lead software architect for a national engineering firm.
I am passionate about vintage cars, computers, machinery, permaculture and self sufficiency.
As you would now, it is always possible to find a way to get something achieved, even without the right tool. 
We are able to make what we need to keep from being blocked by a problem in front of us.
Working efficiently is a big part of taking this from a hobby to a source of income.
As a part of my exit strategy from my current full time employment, I will need to provide for my family and my community.
This will involve maintenance on equipment, and providing assistance to others in exchange for things we need on the farm.
Your “Machinists Toolbox” presents a unique opportunity to take my machining skills to the next level.
It is an amazing opportunity that I would be honoured to receive.
My father and brother will also benefit from this as we spend time together finding, fixing and enjoying using our workshop.
In turn when I am fortunate enough to give back, I will be looking to find a suitable caretaker to take over my role both with my machines and these tools.
I am learning so much from you, and others in the community like:
Stefan Gotteswinter,
This Old Tony,
Keith Rucker,
and many others.
Thank you once again, for all your time effort and energy in organising this with the others involved.
Best Regards,
Marcus Wilson
Perth Western Australia.

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G’day Keith 

Marcus again!
Thank you for accepting my facebook request!
I think I have understood that the cutoff for changes on my What’s in your box nomination page to be 15th November.
I am in “getter done” mode, wanting to make sure the judges have everything they need to judge me worthy, so I have another story to add to the page if i’m not being too cheeky!@
I hope you and your peers agree that I have an attitude that encourages solutions instead of headaches.
The timing of this event has fired me up to get more youtube content out there, and hopefully inspire someone else to have a go.
If you know what you want an earthworker to do, getting a professional is usually the most cost effective way to get stuff achieved.
Not knowing specifically what I wanted, and having no budget meant doing the earthworks myself made more sense.
When i needed to get a sandpad sorted for a rainwater tank on my farm, my solution was to do a deal with a mate to get use of his machine.
What followed was a 6 month exercise in swings and roundabouts!
I hope you have as much fun watching as I did fixing my mate’s machine.
Til next time
Thanks mate
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Preview YouTube video Bobcat Bizness!


Bobcat Bizness!
Its the blunder from Down Under again!
I promise this is my last update for my WIYB nomination, I really appreciate the effort and patience 😉
As I mentioned in my last email, being involved in the WIYB event has fired me up to get some more content together on Youtube.
I have finalised one last video on my channel – this story is about how conversation breeds success.
Dave Cooper my mentor often told me about how when you set your mind to something, talk to everyone about your idea.
Someone somewhere will know someone who has something that you can make work.
It doesn’t always pay off, but often enough a result will come of it, even if it is just making new connections and friends!
I hope you enjoy 
Thanks again,
Marcus Wilson