Kurt Letch’s Nomination for the 2016 What’s in your box? Giveaway

Hi Keith, Vanessa and all the contributors to Keith’s toolbox giveaway.

I would like to start by saying how amazing I think this giveaway is, and I hope all involved realise just how much this opportunity means to each and every nominee including myself. Its brilliant to see the outcome of previous years toolbox recipients and how much it really can help people in pursuing their chosen path in life. 
Well.. My name is Kurt Letch and I would like to nominate myself for the Whats In Your Box toolbox giveaway. I feel worthy of such a gift because of my hard work and dedication in trying to become a self employed machinist. I really have put my heart and soul into following my dream for many years. I have sacrificed all luxuries in life, I dont have many things people take for granted such as a T.V. or a computer. I dont spend money on nights out or holidays. But I make these sacrifices by choice because It gives me the chance of bettering myself through my work. The area in which I live is not very affluent and some describe it as deprived. It is not easy to make a living being a machinist in this area but I dont let it dissuade me. To receive the gift of a tool chest would mean so much to me I am struggling to find the right words. It would provide me which such a huge opportunity to better my work, progress my small business and to help those around me who have seen similar struggles as myself. 
I truly hope my self nomination can be considered. I have cataloged parts of my work for the last couple of years on my small business page on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/TheOldIronCo/
Please feel free to take a browse and if you wish to ask me any questions do not hesitate to ask. A very kind acquaintance of mine offered to help me with my nomination video as I do not currently have the technology to make one. This is the link. http://youtu.be/3gklGEP7crM
I hope you enjoy watching and thank you all for your time and efforts in helping people like me learn so many new skills through sharing your work on youtube. That in itself has been for me at least, truly life changing. 
Kind regards, Kurt.