Krzysztof Swornowski’s Nomination for the What’s in your box? Giveaway

My name is Krzysztof Swornowski. I’m from Wroclaw,Poland. I would like to submit my nomination.

Hello, Mr. Keith Fenner.

In the beginning I would like to apologize for all the stylistic and spelling mistakes you might find here.

I was amazed when I discovered on Youtube, your channel and many others led by machinists community. How willing you share knowledge and provide support to those who are taking their first steps in the field of metalwork.

The idea of giving tools is noble and worth of promotion. I hope that one day the idea will come to Poland.

And now I come to nomination…

I Krzysztof (Christopher) Swornowski would like to nominate my father Andrzej (Andrew) for receiving the tool box.

I believe he is a worthy person to receive such a gift.

My father is 64 year old. He is a electromechanic by profession.

After graduation of his vocational school, he started to work in a transport company as an electrician. He repaired there mainly electric installations, ignition and generators on delivery trucks.

Shortly after he was drafted. In the Army (Railway Logistic Company) he completed a course of forklifts operators and received a forklift driving instructor permissions.

After returning to civilian life he traveled a lot, and worked in many places as a serviceman, a harvester operator and even as a miner in the copper mine in Lubin.

Then he met my mother, got married, settled down and brought me to the world.

For over 40 years he has been working in the same company. He started as a machinery maintenance man on mining machinery training center. In the meantime he worked as a forklift driver instructor. He found time to finish evening technical secondary school and get his high school diploma. (It is hard to translate exactly due to differences in the education system.)

Life goes by, time changes and soon will be 30 years as he has been working as a printer. In the meanwhile we even ran a small screen printing workshop, where almost all machines were built by my father.

He is always willing to help somebody. I remember how he repaired our neighbors tractor, trailer brakes, headlights, water pump…. Fiat, which belonged to our parish priest, often stood in our workshop. On a small lathe OUS-1 produced tools and reproduce parts of machines. In winter, battery charger and jumper cables rode with him to those in need.

Throughout the work, he has been dealing with repairs and maintenance almost everyday.

Soon he is going to retire and he has begun to expand garage workshop.

He acquired a small lathe milling machine – Clarke CL-500, rebuild damaged bench grinder. From various parts he made air compressor. Cart for MIG welder is in project state.

And all this in order to enjoy his hobby. Rebuilding his 1978 3,4m fiberglass boat, repairing engines and fishing. Now he works over his 1961, made in USA, West Bend 18 HP Silver Shark outboard. Last year it was equipped with an electric starter and new paint job. This winter we are planning to install 12V DC generator. At the same time we combining 24V DC electric mower motor on 2 HP shaft.

Plans are huge but the time is not made of rubber.

Receiving such a great gift it would be a great honor for me and a tribute to the man who taught and helped many people. For a man who taught me well, decent work, so nam could be proud of his achievements. This toolbox will cause a big smile even before the awaited retirement.

I believe that good sometimes comes back to the man who made it. Maybe this is the time.

Best wishes from Wroclaw, Poland, sends your friend Krzysztof Swornowski.

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