John Bates’s Nomination for the 2016 What’s in your box? Giveaway

Hello Keith

My name is john bates and I would like to nominate myself for whats in your toolbox giveaway. I find myself worthy of the toolbox because I am dedicated to the things I enjoy and love and I have found the career that I love and feel like I never work when I go to work.

I am 37 years old l have a wife and a 14 year old daughter. I joined the Army back in 2001 when I was 21 I served about 12 years and left the military in 2012. After a few years I was looking for a career that I enjoy. I always love doing things with my hands such as making things for fixing things . At the beginning of this year I looked into starting college in machine-tool technology but was unable to start that semester and luckily I found a job at Gadsden tool here in Alabama, after speaking with the CEO allowed me to join with the ability to learn and go to school at the same time. Now I’m in my second semester in college and with a mix from my job and college I have learned a lot, one thing I have learned is that I love this job and career field. I started after leaving the military working with wood because I’ve always enjoyed building things but after watching some of your videos as well as others I learned that being a machinist you can make and build and create a much greater amount of things from start to finish and end with a working product.

I know that if I am found to be worthy to receive the toolbox it will go to great use in my career because starting out you don’t always have all of the tools that are needed and find myself looking to other employees to loan me Their are tools.

I hope that you’ll find me worthy to receive your toolbox giveaway thank you for your videos and the knowledge that I have learned from watching them and keep up the good work than


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