Jeff Goldberg’s Nomination for the 2016 What’s in your box? Giveaway

I, Debbie Goldberg, along with my daughter Jessica, nominate my husband Jeff Goldberg for the What’s in Your Toolbox Nomination for 2016 because we believe that Jeff is the most worthy recipient for this giveaway.

Jeff always makes the time to help other people. He has helped his community by serving as a volunteer firefighter for over 33 years. Jeff has used his skills to build houses for Habitat for Humanity, and he was part of the team that renovated a home for troubled children featured on Extreme Home Makeover in Baltimore City. He has helped our family by taking on projects in order to save both time and money. Jeff built the front doors to our home, the cabinets in our kitchen, and the deck at my parents’ home.  When Jessica and her brother were little, Jeff was the parent that built scenery or carnival booths, and was the parent that jumped in to fix equipment that broke during school events.     

Jeff’s skills in the woodshop or metal shop are mostly self-taught. When he is not at work, where he teaches people how to operate industrial equipment, Jeff loves to be in his garage where he practices techniques he has learned from people such as yourself. I frequently find Jeff watching your You Tube videos early in the morning or late at night. He has become pretty good at finding used equipment via the internet – selling items he no longer wants or needs in order to raise the cash needed to buy additional tools. I have no idea what is in my garage, but I know it makes Jeff happy!

Jeff’s ultimate goal is to be able to start his own small business so he can offer machining services and make parts that are no longer manufactured. If he were the recipient of your giveaway, it would move him closer to this goal. Jeff is the type of person that is not comfortable being in the spotlight, and he never wants to ask for help for himself. That is why I am nominating him and why Jessica did the video.  

Here is the link to our YouTube video:

Thank you for your consideration.