Jamie Sprague’s Nomination for the 2016 What’s in your box? Giveaway

I jamie sprague nominate me worthy of the tool chest giveaway. Because i love machining and i own a 7×14 lathe and a decent mill ,but cant afford tooling.. I bought the David Gingery book how to build lathe and realized that it wasn’t going to be solid enough machine being made from aluminum. So i found my 7×14 micro mark lathe on Craigslist for really good deal. And began my Journey on building my own hobby shop. I have my own Foundry that I built. I pour aluminum and bronze molds.
I hope i am found worthy of tool box because i do my absolute best at helping anyone that needs it. I have been known for giving the shirt off my back to anyone that needs it more than me.

Below are a few pictures of stuff ive built and use to make parts and tools.

Pic 1-This is pretty much all of my tooling some bought some made.

Pic2- my homemade foundry

Pic3- homemade casting sand

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