Fred Alberts’ Nomination for the 2016 What’s in your box? Giveaway


Hello there Keith

My name is Fred Alberts and Bruce Whitham has nominated me for the WIYB Giveaway 2016


I am a 62-year-old sole trader with an extensive design and make background and have a small composite workshop in Perth Western Australia where I assist customers with a wide variety of project design and construction solutions.


As an Industrial arts teacher/lecturer in Senior high schools, West Australian Universities and Technical Training Colleges spanning over 35 years, my current business is the realisation of a lifetime ambition that has recently grown to overtake my lecturing and teaching career. The workshop has evolved to emphasise general metal working with a lesser focus on plastics, timber and other composite materials and until recently the machining component was limited to a small (Hercus) metal lathe, horizontal mill and 10” shaper, all of which are old and quite small with very limited capacities.


A couple of years ago Bruce encouraged me to “Step Up” my machining capacity to enhance both my client and hobby work with an increased capacity to provide a better  “One stop shop solution”, and transcend my current machining limitations. He subsequently helped me acquire a 17”x 48” Dean Smith and Grace lathe or “Grace” as my wife calls it, and upgraded it with a DRO and a VFD.

This lathe has been featured several times on Bruce’s You Tube Channel, and has opened up a whole new world to me with the result that I am shortly to take delivery of a turret mill ala Bridgeport clone to replace my tired old horizontal machine.


Whilst I have lots of general shop tools I have never owned many specific “Machinist tools” with the exception of the digital Vernier Callipers and combination square and am now faced with the imminent need to not only equip the mill with cutters, clamping tools and such, but to acquire the Machinist tools that will enable me to set-up and effectively utilise the mill, as well as raise the bar in terms of what I can do on the big lathe.


Over the last few years Bruce has become a “Machining Mentor“ to me and I am most appreciative of his Nomination. I will be most grateful for anything that allows me to fast track the process of setting up and applying the new skills he will teach me.


Thank you Keith and the broader community of You Tuber’s who have donated these wonderful boxes and tools to further benefit up and coming machinists.

I do not have a Face Book or You Tube account so all my publishing is currently through Bruce’s channel

Kind regards, Fred, Perth Australia.