Emma Ritson’s Nomination for the 2016 What’s in your box? Giveaway

Hi there Mr Keith Fenner.

I Emma Ritson, Nominate me for the 2016 WIYB toolbox giveaway.

not that sure I am a worthy person, and there are always more worthy people than i would be, but I would love to enter the 2016 toolbox giveaway.

I am a 40ish year old watch/ instrument technician currently working as a retail manager in QLD Australia.

I am single, and tend to spend a lot of time in my little workshop as time goes by.

I have been reluctant to send an entry the last few years, because I know that Machining will not be a career for me, any time soon.

I do have a little youtube channel though and a couple viewers and some close friends have pushed me to make this entry, so here I am.

my interests are mostly in model engines and in vintage workshop machines, at the moment I have a small Lorch lathe and a small hand operated shaper. Im sure a milling machine will be something I will own fairly shortly, if i can find one that is up to standard.

A new Box of Machinist tools would mean that I would be that bit closer to finishing those projects that are just a bit out of reach.  I will still keep expanding my shop, and I feel a bit of a fraud as i’ve been very lucky with things that have been passed on by youtube  viewers and friends i’ve made, but there are so many tools I would love to own, and I would love to be considered for some little thing.  I love beautiful tools, and learning to use them .

I made a Short video for my nomination, which you can find at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg1Nk1gK0Ho  I’ve showed some of my machines, and got some footage of one of my little engines running. I hope you can find time to watch.

many thanks for considering me in this giveaway, and taking the time to read this.

Always love your videos, and appreciate the skills i’ve picked up from you and other you-tubers over the last few years. Keep them coming.

Ill attach some photos of some of the things I have built this last little while, that may be of some interest, 

and ad that I am glad you are back on deck. your videos on babbitting recently have been enthralling.

kind regards, Emma Ritson

Gold Coast, Queensland.

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Hi Keith,

I would like to nominate Emma Ritsen – “Emma’s Spareroom Machine shop” and have made a brief video stating the same.

She is already a proficient machinist but I feel lacks some of the extra various tools etc that would allow her shop to be better equipped and expand her options. Her channel is here –


As always, thanks Keith for all you do.

Regards, Chris (ChrisB257)