Caleb & Lorne Bleakney’s Nomination for the 2016 What’s in your box? Giveaway

Caleb and I would like to nominate ourselves for the What’s in your Toolbox Giveaway. We believe we are worthy candidates because we have worked hard up to this point to develop our woodshop and metal shop, and we would like to continue to grow our metal shop and our metal working skills.  We are excited to gain experience and skills in metal working, so that we can provide services to our local community and so that we are adequately prepared to repair our own machinery. If we win this toolbox, these tools will be frequently used in order to build and create our own inventions and repair our machinery.

Some of our machinery repairs include: re-pinning our excavator, adding a belt tensioner for our chipper, and rebuilding our hydraulic cylinders on our forklift and our excavator. As well as some attachments for our forklift, such as a tractor blade, better fork extensions, a heavy duty winch, replacing the axles and making it four wheel drive, amongst other things.

Thanks again for considering us for this giveaway.


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