Bryan Vetter’s Nomination for the 2016 What’s in your box? Giveaway

I, Bryan Vetter would like to nominate myself for the, 2016 What’s In Your Box Giveaway. I believe, I am worthy of the giveaway because I am ready to finally step into this wonderful community of creators, makers and DIY hobbyist as a contributor. Most of all, I want to enjoy why I love to go to work every day.

First, I want to thank Keith, Vanessa and all the contributors of this giveaway and to the nominees of this giveaway and to thank this community of metalworking and woodworking enthusiast.

I am from Southern California and I’m 33 years old. My current background into metalworking has been mostly taught to me, by my family and some college courses. My Father is an aerospace inspector for over thirty years, like his father before him and my mother was a conventional lathe and mill machinist for thirty plus years as well. In college, I pursued aerospace engineering but I was unable to finish my degree due to financial problems. Before college, I work as retail management and went back to the same line of work after dropping out.

The beginning of this year, I quit my retail job and applied to a temp aerospace agency to begin my career being a machinist, with hope of reaching the inspection side of aerospace manufacturing. I got a contract as a CNC operator and learned a great deal of on the job experience. I always wanted to be small business owner and I have inspiration to be successful and not work paycheck to paycheck. If I received a toolbox of my own it would jumpstart my career as machinist working towards being a inspector.

For the last three to four years I have been watching YouTube during my off time. I started watching cabin building and homesteading videos such as Wranglerstar and Wildernessoutfitters. Which lead me to develop an interest into woodworking and DIY creators and after seeing the tools required to create most of the projects. I thought I could build some of the tools to save cost, so I started watching metalworking and toolmaker videos. I stumbled into this community of creators, from Abon’s channel to Dale Derry’s channel.

One of the first projects I would like to tackle is creating a set of woodworking Hollow and Rounds for mold making out of an all metal body design and upload content that would show how to reverse engineer a set from traditional woodworker’s tools. Along the way, I would show the creation of such tools and how the inspection process benefits the toolmaking process.

Incidentally, my twin brother who has been living on the other side of the states, because of the separation we would only speak a couple of times a year. This last year I decided to visit him and found out he has been watching the same channels as I have. I guess metalworking is in our blood. Another fun aspect of my life is watching videos with my mother from the machinist channels on YouTube and listening to her input of how she would make a part a certain way and that it would be easier her way.

 Thank you,

Bryan Vetter

My video subbmission can veiwed at