Andrew Smith’s Nomination for the 2016 What’s in your box? Giveaway

Hello Everyone,


My name is Bryan Smith. I am a hobby machinist and enjoy Keith and all the guys and gals on YouTube that make wonderful videos. I am writing today to nominate my son SSGT (Ret) Andrew Smith for the What’s in Your Box tool giveaway.

 I am very proud of Andrew. He is worthy because of his service and sacrifice to our country and his commitment to work with his hands as a gunsmith in his retirement. Andrew joined the US Army right out of high school. He began basic training in August of the year of 2001.  This was a career choice made when he was just 10 years old.

 He went through the Boy Scout Program and achieved the highest rank in scouting. Eagle Scout. During his scouting career he had a chance to talk to many veterans who were in the Armored divisions. He chose to become a tanker and aimed for that MOS. As expected he rose to the position of Tank Commander. 

But in his deployments he was dismounted from the M1A1 tanks. He was breaking down doors and clearing buildings alongside the infantry. He was seriously injured by IED’S and looked death in the face in firefights. His hearing was damaged and he still suffers the aftereffects of exposure to multiple IED attacks, a broken hand, torn shoulder ligaments, and likely a hundred other things I don’t know about. Not to mention the trauma of witnessing the death and horrible injuries to his Army brothers.

 He doesn’t talk about this much and doesn’t complain. He will probably be mad at me for a while for writing this. Andrew had to retire early last month because the after effects of his injuries left him unable to meet the requirements of his profession. He is now attending a vocational community college program to become a gunsmith. 

I hope he will get a tool box.