Arch Reactor’s Nomination for the 2016 What’s in your box? Giveaway


  My name is Bob Satchell and I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Arch Reactor for consideration in your “What’s in your box” 2016 tool chest giveaway. 

Arch Reactor is a non-profit, 501C3 educational makerspace.  We are 100% member funded.  this means a handful of members pay dues each month and those dues pay all our expenses.  Our rent, our utilities, any tool maintenance and go towards our savings for new tools.  The shop and tools are available for members to use and for teaching classes which are open to the public.  All of our members are encouraged to teach classes in areas they have knowledge.  Classes have included Robotics, electronics, programming, wood lathe turning, green sand casting, silicon mold making and metal turning on our mini lathe.  Classes are open to the St. Louis public and not restricted to members and almost always totally free.  It’s just members who recognize the benefits and pay the bills.

We were recently able to save up and purchase a series 1 Bridgeport with a J head and, having several machinists as members and members with machining experience, we are eager to start sharing this new tool and teaching other members and people interested how to make chips.

We used most all our budgeted money on buying the mill and now must start saving for additional tools and supplies.  Being awarded the 2016 tool chest giveaway would put us on the short path to being able to hold classes.  Machinist tools are expensive and members’ dues only go so far.

Arch Reactor and St. Louis Missouri thanks you for your consideration!!


-Bob Satchell

Member of Arch Reactor since 2013 

Our video entry can be found at:

PS, Thank you again for your consideration and to the community at large for sharing your knowledge and experience.  Its all greatly appreciated!!