Christophe Sacha’s Nomination for the 2016 What’s in your box? Giveaway

Dear Keith Fenner, judges and other readers,


I Christophe Sacha nominate myself for the Turn Wright Machine Works What’s In Your Box Toolbox Giveaway. I believe I am fit to receive a box because I am a young hard working learner dedicated to the machine tool trade and the made in America movement. I’m a 23 year old working landscaping but primarily programming and coding and living in Atlanta Georgia area. I’m a self made person that taught myself model making, programming, coding, basic electronics and mechanical engineering and have been very interested in machine tool technology and learning as much as I can without access to machines until recently. I didn’t have any opportunities in high school to take classes in woodshop and auto mechanic classes let alone machine shop, and without mentors to teach me and without access or inheritance to shop type environments and tools to learn and gain experience I some how fell in love with working with my hands. The rewarding feeling of making something yourself and turning something that doesn’t work into something that does are things that had me progress through hobbies and trying many new things then lead me from my dead end job to signing up for school to learn a trade. I’m 23 years young but I feel like I’m behind in figuring out what I’m going to do in life, they say when you find your significant other you just know that they’re the one, well when I discovered metalworking and machine tool operations and learned more about the modern manufacturing industry in this country, I knew that this was the one.

In May of 2016 I was fortunate my Mom offered to have me move into a house she was buying to help her and to stay there before they move in as well as help me save money to go back to school and give me a space to build a small shop. It’s October now and my brand new lathe has been set up for a couple weeks and I have my schedule for classes at Lanier Technical College. Looking around this room in the basement it’s amazing that this whole shop was started from scratch, just a few years ago most of my family’s possessions were destroyed in a house fire and we only owned the most common homeowner’s tools, and living in apartments didn’t make it easy or practical to own most tools. My interest created the enthusiasm and passion to build an environment to learn, experiment, experience, grow, and invest into my future, I’m ready to get my life started. Some people I talk to become overwhelmed with how excited I am to go back to school and learn, I often buy textbooks on my own just because I enjoy learning, that’s also why I like YouTube so much because there’s so much to learn there. I want to take advantage of as many resources the school has, I’m going to take as many classes as I can, or can afford, not just machinist classes but woodworking, blueprint making, auto mechanic, engineering and design, all types of welding classes even material Sciences. In Jack Sheppard’s book “How to Become a Machinist” he agrees and says you should take as many classes in fabrication, mechanics and design. With the use of the schools resources I’m also going to become a part of related clubs, I’m going to find a mentor and become an apprentice but most of all I think having a relationship with the instructors and being involved is very important. In the beginning of “Metalworking Doing It Better” by Tom Lipton he says “You’re attitude is one of the key ingredients in any field, not just metalworking. Without a positive and persistent attitude, you might as well just go sit in front of the TV and bathe yourself in some nice cable programming.” and he goes on to talk about hands on experience that most everyone will agree is key in almost every trade or skill. His explanation is 100% me with my determination towards my future as a machinist, I emptied my pockets on a brand new lathe because it would give me more access to learn and gain experience and skills than if I relied solely on someone else’s time and resources.

Whether or not I am chosen in this years give away I am going to take advantage of taking the time to make videos for this nomination and be involved with the YouTube community more as I grow throughout my career. If I am chosen I pledge to post updates on the box and its contents as I grow with them throughout my life. If I was rewarded a box, it would probably contain more than half of the tools in my possession, it would be a great asset in my toolbox of tools for machine work, fabrication and repair but also in my toolbox of tools for learning as I work to become a student and apprentice and make connections in this community and find teachers and mentors. I see these boxes in this give away more like an amazing inheritance from many great machinists around the world and that in itself is pretty awesome to think about and would mean a lot as an owner. I’ve worked hard and put a lot into building my shop and tools and have a lot more than when I had nothing, but a complete kit of good quality tools that I currently can’t afford is like a dream I’ve had many times since middle school. If I’m rewarded a box it would mean so much to me and would be comparable to winning the lottery, we all know how long it takes to collect these things and how much it would cost, I believe this box would be invaluable to my future.


This community driven event is amazing. I really like the idea of rare, old and/or out of production tools being spread across the world, to younger generations or anyone starting out new in this industry and especially from older skilled tradespeople. Of course the main goal of this giveaway is great aiming to support new people working to be a part of the machine tool trade, Lyle Peterson (mrpete222) is always saying “we need to get more young boys and young girls into the trades.” It also seems that the YouTube channels are responsible for many peoples inspiration for getting involved with machine tools. Also seeing the amount of boxes of donated stuff from around the world is astounding and Keith reacts to those videos accordingly. I appreciate your time and thank you for considering me for the 2016 What’s In Your Box toolbox giveaway.

Sincerely, Christophe Sacha


     Hey Keith,

This is a continuation of pictures for the nomination page. I guess I have a total of 60 pictures I was trying to share so maybe its just best to link this Photobucket album. The pictures I attached in the last email and this one are the ones i feel are most relevant for the nomination page.
      Thank you, Christophe

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