Jacob Haneline nomination for the WIYB 2017 Giveaway

What’s in your box!

            I Jacob Haneline nominate myself worthy of the tool chest giveaway. I am young and just starting to get into the life of tool and die. I got a summer job working in a tool and die shop and it was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done in my life. My dream is to become a tool and die maker like my grandpa and great grandpa were.

            I’m one year away from graduating from Huntington North High school and I’m enrolled in our school’s precision machining class and previous to that I was in manufacturing class. In manufacturing we learned to weld, run a mill and lathe, sheet metal, casting and layout work. I enjoyed being in manufacturing but I enjoy being on a mill and lathe all day in precision machining. Our school makes it a 3-period class which means we have it for roughly 3 hours, this lets us get a lot done in class. I was also in engineering which is where I learned to use fusion 360 CAD and CAM and inventor.

            I believe I’m worthy of the tool box give away because I’m a hard worker and have a strong passion for learning and I never give up. I work my hardest to do a good job and get the work done right and on time in everything I do. In eighth grade, I decided to become a tool and die maker and I’ve been watching videos and reading on everything involved in that field so when It comes time I will be prepared to do anything. With the tools in the giveaway I won’t have to worry about spending so much money when I get my first job out of high school and they would mean more to me then tools that I bought would be.

            These tools would be a good start to my career in tool and die. The tools will also mean a lot because they were all donated by people willing to help others with no questions asked. With so many good people out there willing to help it makes people who are just starting to get into the career feel better because they can have help. I know if I’m chosen to receive a tool box that the tools will be taken care of and used my whole career.

            Also, I feel I am worthy because in school I work with my classmates and when they need help I will work and teach them what they need help at. Freshman and sophomore year of high school I was awarded manufacturing person of the year by my manufacturing and engineering teachers. I was the only freshman to be nominated in couple years in manufacturing. I am just starting in this field and having these tools would help me not have to borrow other guys or the shops tools all the time and I can start to add to them to build my tool collection.

            In my video, I have some information about myself and I decided to add it also in my entry. I live in northern Indiana and grew up working on cars and dirt bikes. My father taught me everything about engines and how to fix things yourself and how good it feels to fix or make something yourself. My great grandpa ran a lathe his whole life and made parts for railroad cranes and my grandpa repaired machinery and made new parts for old machines. My great grandpa had an American machinist handbook released by Colvin and Stanley in 1920 and that was passed down to me from my dad who got it from his father and he got it from his father. I read it every time I get and that’s how I learned to do tapers and what thread pitch was and how to read a micrometer. Right now, a project of mine is making a set of 1-2-3 blocks and a pallet that is compatible with them.

            I raced dirt bikes when I was younger in AMA and I enjoyed doing that because my family supported me and went to every race. I played baseball and soccer in middle school and in my free time I work on my 95 Ford F-150. I am part of my church’s small group for youth and I am planning on going on a mission trip soon. I am also getting ready to move into an adult bible group which I’m looking forward to. I also am deciding whether to go into the national guard to become a machinist for my country.


Thank you for your time and for your consideration,

                                    Sincerely, Jacob Haneline

Here are a few of my photos

Here’s a photo of me on the mill in manufacturing


Here’s a photo of truck.



Here is my great grandpa’s book.

Here is my great grandpa’s book.

Here is my great grandpa’s book.