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Turn Wright Machine Works / Working and motivational attire… 

Some time ago, a sweet gal, named Rachel, over in the UK, asked me if I had any marketing items that she could buy her husband, to wear out in his shop, while working on his projects? So I started the design and had the ball caps made up in time for her to be able to give one to her husband, Andy, for Xmas, that year. From there, you all watching my videos, have requested other items and I have been building up a selection of attire to suit working and motivational needs. This store generates the motivation and supplies needed to create my videos and generate the funds to host the Tool Chest Giveaway. 

Thank You, ;{)——

Walk the Talk Stickers

Walk the Talk

The Getter Done! Stickers

Getter Done

“Brand new” Walk The Talk Bandanas


For Bandana orders outside the USA please Email

Walk the Talk Bandanas

Turn Wright Machine Works / “Adams” Ball Caps

dsc01796 dsc01792 dsc01837

Khaki / Color of Brim

What’s in your Box LOGO “Gildan” Navy blue T-Shirt



Sleeves and Sizes

Getter Done! “Gildan” Navy Blue T-shirtsdsc01814dsc01860

Navy Sleeves & Sizes

Walk The Talk / “Gildan” Navy Blue T- Shirtsdsc01777dsc01784

Sleeves and Sizes

Turn Wright Machine Works / “Dickies” Navy Blue Work Shirtsdsc01808dsc01865

Sleeve & Size Options

Turn Wright Machine Works / “Dickies” Sand colored Work Shirts


Limited Quantities on Sand colors request by Email Please 

Getter Done / “Champion” Hoodie Sweatshirts

Getter Done! Sweatshirt  plus, “free short sleeve, What’s in your box? or Getter Done! T – shirt” good on Dec. 12, 13 & 14 of 2016. While inventory last, notifications, substitutes and or refunds will be offered, if stock runs out.   


Getter Done Hoodies

Walk the Talk / “Champion” Hoodie Sweatshirtsdsc01817dsc01832

Walk the Talk Hoodies


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