About Us

  Welcome to Turn Wright Machine Works’ Web Site, We are a family owned and operated Business, that’s been established since 1994, serving Cape Cod and the Islands, as their premier Job Shop.

  We are rebuilding our site to strengthen the image of our persistent Getter Done attitude and our workmanship expectations that, Walk the Talk, when it comes to our customers projects.

As we repair America one project at a time, you will be able to see  how our talents we have acquired,  over the years, are helping those customers, get  their projects  done and keeping those standards, since we have been in business, which insures the validity of the talents, used on your projects today.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Great videos! I’ve watched you improver over the years getting better and better quality. How do you find the time to handle the jobs and all the video editing that that you do to put on your shows? I’ve been picking up a lot of tips from your videos and love to see how others do setup and hold down techniques. I come from old school conventional machining and have little tooling to work with, so it’s nice to see old school machinist accomplish these complex jobs. Keep up the good work.