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  1. Hello Keith, Brian from LeGrand Adventure LLC in PA here; I am rebuilding my DHCII over due to my location. I want to duplicate your Water Table and Downdraft System if that is alright with you? After watching I believe the balance of your videos, are there a set of plans that are purchasable from you to do this? If so I have already purchased your Pop A Way and I am looking forward to having this system running as soon as possible. Thanks, and I really enjoy your videos, will Methocarbamol get you high…L

    • Hi Brian, I built it on the fly with materials already planned on making a stand alone water tray under a shop made table that never happened. I don’t have plans but once your frame is assembled your going to want the straight sides to the water table to be just as wide as the inside of the angle frame. The water level was 7.5″ below the plate surface and I dropped the legs so I could lower it for other attachments. Cheers, Keith

  2. Great videos! I’ve watched you improver over the years getting better and better quality. How do you find the time to handle the jobs and all the video editing that that you do to put on your shows? I’ve been picking up a lot of tips from your videos and love to see how others do setup and hold down techniques. I come from old school conventional machining and have little tooling to work with, so it’s nice to see old school machinist accomplish these complex jobs. Keep up the good work.

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